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Competec is looking for a Chief Information Officer

The Competec Group (1300 employees, annual sales for 2023: 1.14 billion Swiss francs) is looking for a new Chief Information Officer: Marcel Rassinger has decid-ed to set up his own business and le...

Stefan Fraude appointed CEO of the Competec Group

The Competec Group is appointing Dr Stefan Fraude as its CEO. The 42-year-old is taking over from Martin Lorenz, who has led the trading group since 2018.

Competec results for 2023 reveal sales of 1.14 billion Swiss francs and over 4 million packages dispatched

The Competec Group – which includes online specialist merchant BRACK.CH and wholesaler Alltron – achieved 1.14 billion Swiss francs in sales, representing a decline of around 2.6 percent compared t...

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